Public organization "Dialysis"

Created in early 2017.

We were united by a strong desire to find our like-minded people. We believed and still believe that there will be many of us. So much so that we can still influence people’s attitudes towards health, towards kidney disease, influence the government and the law in relation to dialysis, as well as to organ transplantation. We want to be heard, understood and supported. Together we are strong!

In 2021, the public organization “Dialysis” begins work with renewed vigor. Join us!

Why does Dialysis LLC need your help

Our global goal is to change the medical industry in Ukraine.

We insist: our country needs transplant centers. This is proved by the examples of people who have to wait for a donor organ for years, as well as those who are doomed not only to hemodialysis, but need liver, heart, and bone marrow transplants. Many patients do not have the financial ability to travel abroad for a transplant, sometimes they give up from despair and die much earlier.

Защита больных с почками

The goal of the NGO “Dialysis” is psychological, legal, informational support of patients with chronic renal failure, people with disabilities on dialysis, as well as recipients before and after kidney transplantation. There are thousands of them in our country: children, youth, older people.

In our organization: patients and their relatives, friends, volunteers, doctors, public figures.

We will be glad to see politicians, civil servants, journalists, bloggers and philanthropists in our team. Everyone who is in pain of this trouble. Who wants and will become the driving force behind the reform of domestic medicine. If there is even one chance to change our life and the lives of our relatives and friends for the better, we must use it!


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